Breakfast and a Book

My very favorite activity for parents in the PCP’s class this year was Breakfast and a Book.  I volunteered once in the fall and then again today for the last one of the school year.  Breakfast and a Book is Mrs. B’s second grade version of Mystery Reader.  The parent volunteer brings in a simple breakfast and few books to read to the class.  Since it was the end of the school year, I chose The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing (I’ve mentioned before how much I love her books) and How Not to Start Third Grade by Cathy Hapka.  Both are darling and went over swimmingly with the littles!

May 2014 146 copy

I cooked up this plan long before ankle-gate so I was even more thankful than ever to have Mother on hand to actually execute on the idea!  We put together a darling little summer inspired breakfast snack (although it was way more like a dessert) to celebrate their impending summer vacation.

May 2014 140 copy

You’ll need:
clear plastic punch cups (dollar tree)
vanilla pudding (I used this since it was nut free.  I got 9 out of each large box of instant pudding.)
rice krispie cereal
a pack of sour strip candy (or fruit by the foot)
Teddy Grahams
Peppermint puff balls
Mini umbrellas

1. Make your pudding per the package directions and spoon into the bottoms of each cup.  I tried to tint mine blue like water but the yellow color of the pudding kept it just green.  The more blue coloring I added, the darker green it got.  So, our bears were swimming in murky Atlantic beach-ish waters :-)
2. Top with rice krispies cereal.
3. Cut your sour strips a little longer than the teddy grahams to make a beach towel or pool float.  Sit on top of the rice krispies and top with a teddy graham.
4. Add a peppermint beach ball and top with an umbrella. 

We made the pudding and filled the cups the night before.  Just before we left Mother finished them with the cereal and toppings.  The spoons, cups, and napkins were all from Dollar Tree.  While there, we picked up a lei for each student (6/$1) to wear during the stories and then tuck safely in their backpacks for the rest of the school day.  You would have thought I was passing out money for how excited they were!!

 May 2014 159

Fingers crossed third grade brings the opportunity to interact with the kids like this.  I’m not even worried about Kindergarten – I know that will keep me plenty busy :-)


  1. The parfaits are adorbs! I think I will make them for my John's preschool graduation:-). What did you find was the best way to transport them?

  2. Sarah - the little cups fit perfectly inside of my muffin tins. Kept everything from sliding around. Mother carried the tray in her lap and we did that for the extras that went in the back of my car :-)

    1. Those snacks are absolutely darling! Such a fun idea!

  3. Oh how fun and what great treats too. Such precious memories to hide away in your heart.

  4. Love that your school has these special celebrations! I'll have to check out the books for my littles. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  5. What a great idea...it makes me wish my adult children were little once more so I could do all the neat things I see in Blogdom. Oh well, I can do some of them for my grands when they sleep over with nana. Thanks for sharing and glad you were able to get out for end of school fun times.

  6. Thank you for sharing, so cute!

  7. I can't wait to see what you do for the 5th Grade end of year party! It's only three years away now.


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