Egret In Blue Heaven

I fell in love with this fabric – egret in blue heaven – about a year ago. 



At the time, I had no where to put it.  So when I started working on our family office, it was at the tip top of my list to try to work into the space.  Since I already have bold printed drapes in the living room and very similar panels in the kitchen, I plan to go solid in the office and use this lovely fabric as an accent on two pillows and seat cushions for the desk chairs. 




While Mother was here helping out, she was a doll to go ahead and make my two pillow covers. 


May 2014 183 copy


They are everything I’d hoped for and the colors match the oyster painting perfectly!!


May 2014 186 copy


There is still plenty to be done in here per my updated to-do list.


To Do List:

  • Remove wall shelves
  • Patch holes
  • Paint – need paint color first!
  • Make window treatments
  • Organize closet
  • Decide on daybed vs 2 chairs – if daybed will need bedding and pillows… oh, and we will need new hardware since it was all lost in the move
  • Get coffee table out of attic??
  • Paint mirror from attic
  • Find chest for between windows
  • Find rug
  • Take down fan and figure out new lighting
  • Find the missing closet door (how on earth did we lose that?)
  • Closet light
  • Seat cushions for desk chairs
  • Pillows for slipper chairs


Now, if you’ve been following along with my ankle issue and strep throat, you’re not going to believe that the baby was up last night throwing up.  UGH!!  I’m taking him in to the doctor right now as I’m guessing he might actually have strep too and not a stomach bug as I originally thought.  Here’s to hoping we’re getting all of this out of our way so that we can enjoy a nice, long, healthy summer :-)



  1. When it rains it pours, huh? The office is looking beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty pattern! Your to-do list is inspiring, seeing all those little crossed-out items!

  3. The office is looking just lovely - the fabric is just perfect. Sorry to hear your injury/sickness woes continue! My money is on strep, though. It always presents like that for us. Mprayers all around for healing & wellness! xo

  4. You know I adore the fabric. I used it for our kitchen drapes and for throw pillows for the den as well. Have a few more yards left too! Love the design board for the room.
    So sorry to hear the little one is sick. Praying it is strep, as 24 hours of antibiotics does wonders versus a yucky tummy bug lasting days!
    Had to laugh at your IG pic. At least he didn't end up wearing one of YOUR shoes! LOL

  5. Oh the poor kid. Well, at least if it is strep, the antibiotics will take care of it pretty quickly. I love how the office is coming along. The fabric goes perfectly in there!

  6. Love that fabric! Looks so pretty as a pillow :) xo Kristin

  7. LIfe is never dull, huh? Hope you all are on the mend. As for the fabric, I am in love...it might be perfect for our living room & dining room drapes. You always find such gorgeous fabrics.

  8. Well yesterday I said, "It can't rain forever." I guess you may still have more rain....hope he makes a quick recovery. The fabric is perfection. After I saw it, I am rethinking my kitchen valences(that are still perfectly good). we will see!


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