Ghost Chair Goodness

I’m slowly but surely continuing to make progress in the new family office.  I found out this week that the fellow building my desks is a little behind so I probably won’t have those installed for at least another month.  I suppose that’s fine for a number of reasons, including 1) it is SUMMER and we aren’t doing a lick of school work and 2) I still have plenty more to do in here so it’s not like that is the last missing piece. 


I shared this fabric – egret in blue heaven – earlier this month. 



Well, I am delighted to report that my upholsterer finished up the seat cushions for the desk chairs in that fabric and they are BEYOND LOVELY.  *swoon*

May 2014 511 copy


If you will recall, I ordered the chairs on ebay and they arrived with a few marks on the seats.  The seller said she couldn’t replace them at this time and instead refunded all of my money and told me to keep (or toss) the chairs.  Well, I saw that as the perfect reason in invest in some darling seat cushions to hide the imperfections.  It was kismet.


May 2014 510 copy

You can see how they compliment the two pillow covers Mother made in the same fabric.  Speaking of pillow covers, I ordered these feather down inserts from Amazon and they are SO SO nice… they were a great price at $36 for the pair.


May 2014 183 copy


As for the rest of the room, I shared this little sneak peek a while back too…


May 2014 186 copy


Hopefully by the end of summer we can get the rest of these things crossed off…  (the list has grown since our last update)


To Do List:

  • Remove wall shelves
  • Patch holes
  • Paint – need paint color first!
  • Make window treatments 
  • Organize closet
  • Decide on daybed vs 2 chairs – if daybed will need bedding and pillows… oh, and we will need new hardware since it was all lost in the move
  • Get coffee table out of attic??
  • Paint mirror from attic
  • Find chest for between windows
  • Find rug
  • Take down fan and figure out new lighting
  • Find the missing closet door (how on earth did we lose that?)
  • Closet light
  • Seat cushions for desk chairs
  • Pillows for slipper chairs
  • Get desks built and installed
  • Procure hardware for desks
  • Find a big floor basket/bin/tub/container to hold books
  • Dress up the pull chain on the closet light
  • Make roman shade for door
  • Line insides of desk doors with chalkboard vinyl
  • Find baskets to organize supplies inside of desk cabinets


I sent the fabric for the window treatments down to Savannah with Mother last week and we hope to knock those out when I visit next month.  As for all the items that I need to shop for… well, I figure we can find all of those as well since the littles will be at camp and Mother and I will have a week full of yummy lunches and our favorite must-shops at our disposal.  Nah… I’m not the least bit excited.  (OMG…FIRST YEAR EVER TO HAVE BOTH IN CAMP!!!!!)   :-)




  1. The chairs are fabulous - the entire room is going to be lovely!

  2. I love, love , love the fabric. You have such excellent taste and your home is so beautiful. You are blessed with a beautiful family as well.

  3. These are gorgeous!! Absolutely lovely. I do, however, think my favorite item on the list is "find closet door". Totally something I would do!! :)

  4. Everything is so gorgeous!! You may have already mentioned this and I didn't 'to see it, but where did your oyster painting come from?

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Love all of it!

  6. Very pretty! Such a great idea to hide the imperfections and they will probably be more comfortable too! We still have another month of school left here. I have to get moving on my projects!

  7. Gosh how I love ghost chairs and the seat cushions are beautiful !!!

    Jocelyn @Prettyluckymama

  8. Hi, I just started reading your blog, not sure how I stumbled upon it, and I love your decorating! Would you share your paint color with us? It looks like a nice neutral without too much grey. Thanks!

  9. These look great! Love that fabric so much, I'm seriously considering it for our master... Your room is really coming together so well!

  10. What a clever idea! I love this!!

    The Glam Pad

  11. I love your room--it's going to be gorgeous! I live in the Atlanta area and would love to know who you recommend for recovering furniture or upholstery. Thank you! Amy

  12. It is all coming together nicely!

  13. Love how they turned out Amanda! The fabric is perfection ;-)

  14. The whole room is lovely! I can't remember, but I think they attend a day-camp in Savannah, not an overnight?
    Hope that foot is healing!? Will you be able to walk on it by Mommy-n-me time?

  15. Holly - The paint is ben moore pale oak. It's a great color! Have used it in the master and whit's room too.

    Donna - We haven't done any camp for a couple of years so trying this new! Just part day camp :-) I'm not ready for overnight!


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