Marathon 2014

Today was one of the most anticipated days of the school year – the annual school Marathon!  The fastest boy and girl runners from each class participate in the races.  It’s really quite an honor to run and so much fun! 


The runners had a fantastic time warming up in the obstacle course bounce house!!  What a treat!

May 2014 194


The music blares and every single student in the school lines the track to cheer on their friends, classmates and siblings.  Honey and I got out there super early so that I would be able to get a spot for my chair.  I loved this poster made for my little angel…


May 2014 193 copy 


John was SO nervous about today.  So much so that he begged us last night to not make him go to school today.  There are many areas in which I indulge him, but quitting is not one of them.  If you choose to try out for the marathon and then win the top place to represent your class you’d better show up and try your best.  And more than anything, I demand that you have FUN doing it :-) 


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Well, the adrenaline and cheering obviously kicked those butterflies right out of his tummy, because he ran his way right into second place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And he smiled the entire way!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 2014 205 copy

We couldn’t have been prouder!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2nd place in Kindergarten, 3rd place in 1st grade and now 2nd place in 2nd grade.  WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!


May 2014 209 copy2

Honey’s mama was an angel to take Whit so that Honey and I could both go cheer for John.  As it turns out, his strep test was negative and he’s just got a plain old nasty stomach bug.  He seems to be perking up a bit this afternoon so fingers crossed we are on the up and up.  We’ve got a fun surprise in store for the littles tomorrow night, pre-K graduation Thursday and a whole slew of tournament ball games to play.  Sickness has worn out its welcome around these parts lately!!



  1. Way to go, John! Congratulations!

  2. So fun! Congrats! Ugh, out here in AZ our schools can't even have competitions! Crazy!

  3. The stomach virus should be banned from this earth. We've had it twice and it's making another run through one of my boys' classes. YUCK. Hope everyone is 100% soon!

  4. I had the tummy virus earlier this spring and can attest that it was no fun at all! Hope Whit feels better soon and no one else comes down with it!
    Julia from SC

  5. Congrats to John. Track star in the making!! Praying Whit feels better soon, and the rest of the family stays healthy.


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