I woke up yesterday with a terrible sore throat that just got worse throughout the day.  At seven last night I was wiped and literally fell into the bed.  This morning trying to swallow brought tears to my eyes so I got myself to the urgent care only to find out that I have strep throat :-(  On top of the ankle.  Ugh!  So, rather than running (today was the big race day I trained for with bestie M) or cheering for John at his tournament game, I slept most of the day, downed our traditional sick day soup (Chick-fil-A chicken noodle) watched Bridesmaids (again…still as funny as the first time) on tv, logged some reading and gave my ankle loads of rest of ice. 

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I was so down in the dumps last Friday (regarding the ankle) that Honey arranged for his mama to sit the littles so that we could go on a last minute date night.  Before hitting up a new sushi restaurant, he was a doll to take me to Target and help me figure out how to ride the rascal.  This is what our Friday nights have come to…


photo 2

The baby had his Kindergarten orientation last week.  Needless to say, it was all old hat to him.  He walked the halls with confidence and is beyond ready to start big kid school in August.  I’ve still got some preparing to do :-)


photo 1

Before being hit with strep, I got myself to the pool to swim three times since my last doctor appointment.  He said it was absolutely, positively the only form of movement that he approved so I got myself some goggles, a swim cap and a month pass to the county lap pool.  It’s amazing how easy swimming has been for me compared to running!  I swam competitively through high school but it had been twenty years since I actually tried to swim a lap.  I’ve been logging 40-45 laps in 30 minutes and it feels awesome!!!!


photo 3


Mother helped me clip these gorgeous peonies from Honey’s mama’s yard this week.  She was out of town and let me know that they were all mine.  I have adored having these in the house and really want to plant my own now!!


photo 4


Can you believe this doll?!?!  I love it when Sister blows up my phone with texts of the little angel.


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That’s pretty much it as far as goings and doings around these parts.  I’m about to hit the hay!



  1. Bless your heart! And all that other southern syrupy mess! So glad your sweet momma has been there to help you out. 2nd one in K is easier for them, not at all for mom! The Husbands Secret is in my to read stack as well. Happy Mother's Day! Hang in there sweet friend!!

  2. So sorry you are under the weather! Strep throat is the pits! Hope you are up and feeling better soon!
    Julia from SC

  3. Hi Amanda. I read your blog often but don't usually comment. I love seeing all of your projects and celebrations, it always gives me tons of ideas for ways to
    celebrate with my little family. I'm sorry to
    read that you aren't feeling well, I hope you feel much better soon! Your niece is just adorable, I'm a Trunk Keeper and always love seeing little girls sporting Matilda Jane! :)

  4. So sorry you have strep on top of everything else! Whit looks more than ready for kindergarten. And that CeeCee - so sweet - what a doll!

  5. i'm so sorry you are not feeling good but you're looking mighty cute on that "walker" at Target! I haven't tried the soup at CF but it looks good...I'll have to give it a try.

    although you're not up to your usual spunky self, i hope your Mother's Day is as awesome as you are!

  6. So impressed you can swim like that. Swimming is the best exercise! I need to get back into it myself.
    Love your musings posts.
    DiAnne in. NC

  7. Oh no!! Hope you are on the mend today and are enjoying your Mother's Day! Can't wait to hear what you think about The Husband's Secret. I just finished it myself. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. Your poor foot and now strep throat...so not fair! I hope that you where able to take it easy this weekend.

  9. Hang in there! My mother says "It can't storm forever."


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