Playing in the Dirt

Before the “ankle incident”, we spent a day preparing and planting our herb and veggie garden and it’s looking great!!  (Please excuse the eye sore next door.  I cannot WAIT for the new owners to finish up their NINE month renovation.  It is non stop hammering and drilling and spraying and loading and dumping.  Not to mention the fact that there’s a port-a-john in the driveway.  I pray my boys don’t realize it’s there…)


May 2014 101


Anyhoo… with our fiercely cold winter, I lost quite a few plants – the rosemary plants in my pots being two of them.  I replaced them with some annuals for the spring and summer and hope to pick up two more rosemary “trees” closer to Christmas when they always seem to be on sale.  We’ve got mint, basil, oregano, beans, squash and cucumber in the first bed.


May 2014 097

Red peppers, green peppers, three heirloom tomato varieties, chives, flat leaf parsley, and lavender in the second.

May 2014 098

And radishes, carrots, rosemary, jalapenos and three cherry tomatoes in the last.


May 2014 099 


This is our third year gardening in this spot and is something the littles look forward to every year.  Darned if they haven’t been eating the chives straight off the bush already!  I use all organic plants, soil, bug control and fertilizer and last year we had the sprinkler system extended to get this area.  (Good timing seeing as the pipe to our outdoor hose burst this winter and was clipped but not yet repaired.)  My mouth is already watering at the thought of those little cherry tomatoes straight off the vine!!


Have y’all been playing the dirt this spring?



  1. We lost all of our potted plants this winter so I plan to head to the garden shop this weekend. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. We love gardening, too - but may have been just a little bit over ambitious this year! Our main addition was an herb garden. Treats from the garden are perfect treats for summer! Happy Tuesday! xo

  3. I just love your blog and read it every day. We garden year-round and I did have a questions for you. Do you plan on moving the squash? It will need a lot of room. Maybe you've planted it before, but I just wanted to make sure. Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Our rosemary is struggling, but after cutting it back it is starting to revive itself. I was more upset we lost our jasmine, but with the outside of the house needing to be painted now is the time. It too got cut to the ground and I am seeing some sprouts, so maybe all is not lost. Of course we lost the first planting of our herbs and veggies to that crazy cold snap we had the week before Easter!

  5. Yes! We planted white and yellow corn and they all now have ears on them! We put in cilantro, parsley and thyme and three types of tomatoes, some turning red! i just said the very same thing about the cherry ones! Very fun and easy to grow (the boys would love it) are our potato plants from cut potatoes. And lastly, red & green bell peppers. Can you tell we're proud? (And we're going by the seat of our pants!) Everyone should try to plant something...we have very little room and it's very rewarding. We also plant organically. (Aren't garden gloves so darn cute?!)

  6. That report above was from me...Jane, San Diego...where we had the advantage of a warm, early spring. :)

  7. This is our first summer gardening, starting small this year to see how it does. Where do you get your organic herbs and veggies from? I'm in Atl and seemed to have lost my gardenias, they look awful!

  8. You might want to move the mint to a container . . . it has the ability to seriously spread into your yard! Trust me on this one. Been there, done that.

  9. Ummm my jaw dropped at the excellent variety you got goin' on!! Way to go- I can't wait to do something like this at the new house!

  10. Dina, We purchase all of our organic gardening needs at Lowes and Home Depot. You might also check with an independent nursery. Many seeds come organically now, if you have the patience. Jane

  11. Plans are to start our garden this weekend...mother's day weekend means free labor...ha


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